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This page brings you closer to alternative technology, things i discovered on the web. .
Alternative technology? Whats that you will ask. The answer is simple, its technology that is
unknown to the public because there are things in this world that you won't see in the news
channels or the newspapers.  There are countless inventors around the world that have
developed technology that if released to the public, would change the world as it is today.
I'm talking about keywords like:


Unfortunately there are certain circles that don't want things to change because there are
things involved like


Fortunately there is the internet which assists people to get their knowledge out of the dark
into the light. Many of them encountered some new phenomena which cannot be explained by
ordinary mainstream schoolbook physics. By spreading their findings, others can combine them
with their own and might get  to results that can explain these new mysteries.

Lets see some first examples and believe me, wer're just scratching the surface . . .

Water that defies gravity


klik here for high resolution image

This experiment is made up from 2 bare copper wires rolled up as a spiral,
cross-connected with the blue wires to the metal plates on the bottom.
2 syringes filled with water are located at the top. By injecting the water through
the copper spirals, you can see that the water is not flowing straight to the bottom
as you would expect, instead it breaks up in streams which bend away from the
central axis, some of them even bend upwards . . . !

Alternative Fuel System I

ALF Vaporizer

For an internal combustion engine to run, it needs some kind of 'burnable' vapour mixture.
We tend to think that this can only be done using liquid gasoline or maybe diesel. There
is more of course. Everybody knows LPG or natural gas powered cars and busses.
You can run an engine on wood gas. A lot of people did that during war time. Later
more to that. Here is a guy that did a big piece of creative thinking. He invented a
liquid gasoline to vapour converter. Sounds like a carburretor. It is, but different.
Very. Here is the link to his page where you can read about it in detail.

Alternative Fuel System II

Alu Water

And there  is the other guy who runs an egine for 600 km on 20 liter of water and
1kg of aluminium . . .   Here is the link to his page.  Enjoy  ;)

Alternative Fuel System III

Kalle Gasifier

What about the wood gas i mentioned before? In war times people could not drive to a gas
station and fill it up. All gasoline was needed for war purposes. So the inventious mind of
the people led to stuff like this page shows:

The French Connection


Here is a guy from France who has devoted his life to find a way of doing the
"impossible". Jean Louis Naudin is an inventor who has an impact on many different
communities worldwide. His Homepage is full of  images, videos and information about his
achievements and you really need some serious free time to get to read all the content.
Nevertheless its worth having a look and learn more about The Lifter Project, the Bingo
Fuel Reactor and other stuff  here.

Deutschland Deutschland ueber Alles


From France lets cross the border to . . . Germany. The country of thinkers
and poets. I had the luck of being born and raised in Germany. Its a great country.
Yes they have their bad/stupid/stuck people too, but then again which country doesn't.
Many people do not realize the impact of german engineering and innovation on
the whole globe. Most of the technology that surrounds us, has been invented
by germans and then be stolen from the others... Call them Americans, Russians,
Japanese, Chinese or whatever you like. They have this unique
organizing/analyzing ability together with the persistance/endurance of the ants.
Yep, in paradise they will be the ones organizing everything... hopefully.
Because if we Greeks do that, we are all doomed . . .  ;)   (sorry, couldn't resist)
Here is a free spirit of that kind. He's a professor. His name is Evert and his
site can be visited here.
He translates most of his work in english too, so go dive into the world of the Fluids,
the Aether-theory (!), Gravity and Mass rotor systems, his Visions of future
Wind and Water power systems, and many many more. Don't miss this one!

(images originated from his site, haven't ask him for permission yet..)

The World in moving pictures

Lets bring some moving images into the whole story. YouTube is really great for that,
you'll find the craziest things there, and you might even hit the big pot, if you understand..


Deutschland Deutschland ueber Alles 2


Actually he was Austrian and not German, but what a small difference. Some decades ago there
was this trully crazy dictator (he was Austrian too!) on his own globalistion path, who believed that
there is none, so he digested them right into Germany. Maybe he was right...? Anyway,
have you ever heard the name Victor Schauberger?  No?  Well, its about time.
His most famous words to the world were:


All modern technology is based on explosion, disruption and consuming. He discovered that
Nature itself does things the other way around. Implosion and creation is Nature's way!
I'm very brief about what he had to show us, there are numerous websites that explain
his visions and what he achieved. Google for his name and be surprised what will emerge.

Flying disks invented by Victor Schauberger

A good friend from Germany (thanks Ralf) send me the following link, which is another
'crazy' site. GRAVIFLIGHT.DE Allready the name implies a lot. But what can i say more,
go visit them. Unfortunately this is written only in german, but you have nothing to loose
because they have many pictures and illustrations about Victor S. and his vision about