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Latest additions. 4-5-2010
Freedom is Slavery, a PDF file
that you can download as a


Why do i greet you in that bad way? Read further down this page . . .
And you will understand. HOPEFULLY!!!

The chinese symbol of duality, Yin-Yang


Thats a heavy word. Is it really? Philosophy, a greek word. Not that the
meaning was invented by
the greeks. But they are the ones who the western
world remembers for their philosophy.   
Philos = friend, sophia = wisdom
that gives us the friend of wisdom. We could say: The words of wisdom.
So, the greeks are
known for it. And so are the chinese, which is an even
older culture. Here is one of my favorite saying,
not greek as you might think,
but chinese:


The person who says: "It cannot be done", should not interrupt the person doing it!


But Philosophy is not only something ancient, there is a lot of  philosophy
which has been created in the recent past/century. Lets digest one more
saying from the beginning of the 20th century:


For to be part of a flock of sheeps, one has to be first of all a perfect sheep!

                                                                                                                                  Albert Einstein
Yes, Albert became a great, cynical philosopher as his understanding
of the reality that surrounded him, grew more and more. He said some
other great stuff too, but lets hear someone not so fancy as Albert. Still
he is a well know writer of our times:


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one
in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress
depends on  the unreasonable man.

                                                                                                                        George Bernard Shaw
You might say right now, that all the above are just wise words. Do you like reading books?
I love it  but i must admit that my free time is almost none these days, but one book
i have read more then one time is a very easy to read and short story about a seagull.


On the surface its just a happy story, but if you ask me, its one of the deepest
philosophical book of modern times. I've got an electronic copy of it, which hosts
the original english text, side by side with the greek translation. I am talking about
Richard Bachs masterpiece "Jonathan Seagull". Download it and start flying high here.
Lets complete this paragraph with a saying about flight:

The higher you fly, the smaller you appear to the others on the ground.

Auf ein Wort    -    Let's talk
es gibt keinen Zufall im Universum  -  nothing happens by chance

There is this other book, written by a german. His name is Rudi. He doesn't want
to get and be a public guy. He wrote down his experiences and his findings in
this - i like to call it the Final Book. Its serious, heavy and very long.

If Jonathan had some impact on my life, this one turned it upside down. I've read it
twice to get a grip on the content. After that i was not the same person i was before.
I do see the world around me with different eyes now, and most important: The future
doesn't scare me anymore.
There is one drawback though. Its written in german. and there is no translation
available... If you can read that language, here is the PDF.


In ancient Rome, one day one of the senators suggested, that all slaves should wear
a white wristband, so that every master could easily spot the slaves around them.
The senat agreed happily until one of them stood up and said: " Don't be stupid.
If you do that, it will be our catastrophy." The other senators asked him why.
And he replied: "Because if we do that, they will suddenly be aware, how many
they are and how few we are!"

A lie has made 3 times its way around the globe, before the truth
stands up to put its shoes on.
                                                                                                                  Mark Twain
THE TRUTH. THERE IS ONLY ONE! Or do you think, of yourself, that you are
not wearing that white wristband . . . !?!?
And if you do not believe that, then you are for certain a believer of the story, that a
sick Bin Laden, sitting in a cave in Afganisthan, and his 19 amateurs, where the ones
which outsmarted the worlds best equipped airforce and ran down the WTC towers . . .
If you do read german (again), and you do believe that the truth is well hidden from us,
then i suggest reading the blog:
Its not about Conspiracy Theories, its about Conspiracy Practices
There is an articel on this Blog that describes in detail, what is happening in the
world right now, and is happening for the last centuries. It has been published in german
on 28 April 2010 on this Blog. There is a GREEK TRANSLATION
available for this. Its called: Freedom is Slavery and you can download the PDF here

Do you want some real information about what is happening right now on the stock
markets? Yes, again, you need to know german. There is this guy, his name is
Lyndon LaRouche. He is one of the worlds best economic minds.
He has been quoted
in the last few weeks by leading statesmen around the world, i.e. the Britsh prime minister,
Italians economy minister, and others from Russia to India, Venezuela to Mexico,
Iran to SriLanka. The worlds Media have supressed their statesments about him,
the Americans even imprisoned him a decade ago, until Bill Clinton (!) got him out
Unfortunately, they just now started to listen to him. He had forseen todays development
from years ago. Fortunately he is not alone anymore. He created a movement called:
Its not a political party, and if you are interested in more truth and you can take it, then
go and read his site here:
Some of the articles are in english too, so give it a try, the only thing that can happen is, that you
find out more about the TRUTH thats hidden around us.

Here is something that everybody should know, its about the truth. Its an award winning
video about the truth  where our food comes from:

THE MEATRIX (with greek subtitles)

There are 3 movie clips available, all of them are available with greek subtitles: