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Απαγορέυεται η αντιγραφή και χρήση των φωτογραφιών χωρίς την γραπτή έγκριση του δημιουργού τους.
Σχεδιασμός και κατασκευή του ιστότοπου : SigmaEpsilon @2011

As we know, the japanese have a tick with hitech gadgets. Juergen Specht,

a gifted german colleague who lives in Tokyo, captured the moment.

Have a look at his work here.


Some usefull information around the technology involved in digital image capture.

All this as the rest of the site wil grow hopefully to a place where you will find

easy understandable guides to issues around digital printing, and about image size

and correct resizing for specific uses. And because a lot of people ask me what

camera to buy, because as a pro i must know better, some personally biased

info on what to buy, and what not!